Year 3

Welcome back to South Rise Year 3! We hope you have had a fantastic summer break!

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Year 3 Latest News

South Rise Sports day aims to give children in KS1 and KS2 opportunities to compete in a variety of athletic based events.
It will give both Key stages the chance to collaborate and having cross setting teams will enable children to demonstrate values of unity, respect and kindness across the Key Stage.

Posted: Friday 21st June 2019, 12:19pm

In year 3 for the past two weeks, we have spent time designing and making Roman shields. Firstly, we researched Roman shields, specifically, the types of colours and patterns that were used and why. For instance, most shields used the colour red which relates to the God Mars, god of war.

Posted: Wednesday 10th May 2017, 5:20pm

We are now half way through the second spring term and year 3 have been doing some exciting learning. Our unit of learning is On the move: transport. As part of this unit of learning, we have been learning about forces and Magnets in science.

Posted: Wednesday 22nd March 2017, 5:37pm
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