Year 3

Autumn 1 2017

Welcome to Year 3

We hope you and your children had a lovely summer break!

Reading is hugely important and will be a central focus in year 3 for the rest of the year. It is incredibly important that children read as regularly as possible. Please support this at home by making time to hear your children read.

During this term we look forward to beginning our new whole school topic — Rhapsody in Blue. Rhapsody in Blue is a piece of music by the composer George Gershwin and explore it as part of learning for the first three weeks of the term—it’s very exciting!


Mighty Mountains

Later in the term, our focus switches to our year 3 unit, Might Mountains. Our Central  Idea is:  Mountains shape the culture and lifestyle of people in the surrounding area.

In English, we will be focusing on a story called The Monster over the Mountain. The story is about a girl who faces her fears (and the fears of her village) by climbing the nearby mountain to confront the monster who lives behind it.

In maths, we will be starting with place value and number problems at the beginning of this term. By focusing on this early on in the term, we hope to give the children a better command of number problems before moving on to complex calculations.

To support your child’s learning, we encourage you to discuss the facts they are learning in school.  Of course, we always encourage any extra learning at home. If you have any information or knowledge of the mountains or any experiences climbing them, please send in a fact file.  Photos are highly welcomed!


Healthy Living

At South Rise, we are making a huge effort to instil in our pupils the benefits of healthy living. By eating well and getting plenty of exercise, we can be healthier in body and mind. Every afternoon, each year 3 class spends 15 minutes running the daily mile in the play ground. If your child brings a packed lunch to school, please ensure that they have a healthy option to eat.



All Year 3 children need to bring their PE kit in on a Monday and keep it in school until the Friday.

Children should wear black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white t-shirt and trainers/plimsols.

Please ensure that they bring their kit with them on these days as a kit is an essential part of the lesson, in terms of safety and hygiene.

Please write your child’s name on every item of clothing to avoid losses.



A great variety of sports and academic clubs are offered to children in KS2.  All children are encouraged to participate as fully as possible to help them enjoy their time at school even more. 

Keep an eye out for  club letters and return them promptly to avoid disappointment.


Home Learning Journals

Please take the time to read with your children and sign their home learning journals with a comment. Reading at home makes a huge difference to the quality of children’s learning.







Year 3 Latest News

In year 3 for the past two weeks, we have spent time designing and making Roman shields. Firstly, we researched Roman shields, specifically, the types of colours and patterns that were used and why. For instance, most shields used the colour red which relates to the God Mars, god of war.

Posted: Wednesday 10th May 2017, 5:20pm

We are now half way through the second spring term and year 3 have been doing some exciting learning. Our unit of learning is On the move: transport. As part of this unit of learning, we have been learning about forces and Magnets in science.

Posted: Wednesday 22nd March 2017, 5:37pm

Since the Christmas break, year 3 have been studying a range of exciting topics.

At the beginning of term, the whole school was learning about planet earth. Years 3 and 4 were investigated the deep sea. We researched information about the vampire squid from hell, dolphins and sharks.

Posted: Wednesday 25th January 2017, 5:40pm
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