Viking Day

Friday (or Freya’s Day, as the Vikings would have it) saw the culmination of Year Four’s Viking Unit of Learning.  It was an incredible day of highly-engaging learning which carried on into the dark of night.  The children visited all three classes over the course of the day.  In Mr. Moore’s class, they conducted some Viking chemistry experiments which resulted in some delicious honey mead.  Mrs. Gambier’s classroom was a silent, moody affair with a stern Viking lady at the front, wordlessly directing children to make Viking bread.  The lights were low and the Viking music boomed through the speakers.  The children were awed by the stormy atmosphere and mixed and kneaded in steely silence.  Mr. Jelley and Miss Cornwell’s classroom featured a much more lively environment as children explored Viking weaving, made Viking jewellery from clay, decorated Viking shields and painted their names in runes onto stones.

At the end of the day, the children returned home to change into warmer garb and returned at 5:30 when the playground was filled with darkness.  Only the bright heat of the bonfire blazing in the middle of the playground offered any illumination.  The children wrapped their dough around sticks and baked them on the embers.  They drank mead from cups decorated to look like horns.  Best of all, some hardy souls got up to recite the Viking poems they had written and memorised. 

The hour passed far too quickly, but we all returned home very happy and with our hair and clothes smelling of bonfire smoke.  Thanks to all of the teachers and parents who made it possible.  It was a truly mighty day for our young Vikings! 


from “I Am the Storm” by Emmy, 4AJ

I am the storm who torments the sea,

No one is stronger than me,

I’ll leave you upset,

I’ll destroy your home,

And I’ll destroy your ship,

Like a garden gnome!


I’ll smash it!

I’ll crash it!

I’ll get my pet,

To eat the ship,

And drown the rest!