Visit to Firepower and the Woolwich Heritage Museum

On Wednesday 13th January, the children in Year 6 deepened their understanding life was like during WWII in London.

In the morning the children visited the Woolwich Heritage Centre where they had the opportunity to investigate bomb maps, create propaganda posters and view photos of Woolwich and the surrounding areas during WWII.

After the visit the Heritage Centre, we took a short walk over to the Firepower Museum. Here the children were amazed by the sights of huge guns, cannons and tanks that were used during war times. They were then informed and entertained by a fantastic actor performing as a Fire Marshall during WWII. All children had the opportunity to enter an Anderson Shelter and experience what the nights would have been like for children back then.

To end the day the children interviewed some modern day soldiers to understand what life is like nowadays for soldiers working in the army compared to WWII.