London during The Blitz

These past few weeks we have focused our learning around London during The Blitz as part of our Heritage Project.

In English we produced a newspaper article following the worst night of bombing during The Blitz. Next we wrote a short suspense-filled spy story about a British pilot stranded behind enemy lines. This week we are writing a child’s recount of their experience of a heavy nights bombing during the Blitz.

In Maths we learned about the fantastic Code Breakers that were stationed in Bletchley Park (Station X) breaking the Nazi codes so that Britain could bring an end to the war more swiftly. We then used a variety of approaches to crack the Nazi ciphers.

We also had the exciting opportunity to explore the effect The Blitz had upon our local area – Plumstead. An experience Blitz Walker visited the school and took the children on a journey around Plumstead. On the walk the children discovered how our local area was damaged during The Blitz, for instance, where some house in a row are different to the rest this is usually evidence of historical bomb damage.