Trip to see the London Children’s Ballet

On Friday 22nd April, Year 4 travelled all together to the Peacock Theatre in Central London to enjoy a performance of ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’ by The London Children’s Ballet. This was a fitting culmination to the ballet the children had themselves studied and performed over the course of the last term, as well as a lovely opportunity to go out and have a wonderful cultural experience together! The children were very appreciative of the performance, and behaved impeccably throughout the day, showing the best of South Rise values! Tomisin from 4AJ was particularly full of praise: “My favourite part was when Little Lord Fauntleroy went to England,” he said. “Because it made me want to dig deeper into the show! And the costumes also looked amazing!”

Precious, 4AJ, felt that it was a great way to finish off our partnership with the LCB, “Our school was lucky enough to learn ballet with the LCB.  Having professional teachers was amazing.”