Year 5 - Life Cycles!

As part of their Unit of Learning on Life Cycles, Year 5 have been learning about ageing.  We have learned a lot about dementia and how it affects the brain.  We have enjoyed participating in some thought provoking discussions about whose responsibility it is to care for the elderly.

We are enjoying our Enterprise project.  We began with a workshop in which we created our own jewellery business and explored the areas of cost and profit.  We are looking forward to building upon our own business ideas.  A range of products will be available soon – don’t miss out!

We have been improving our collaborative skills by working together. We explain the learning to our peers and provide feedback to help them understand.

Our snails, Gary and Turbo, have come out of hibernation and are creating a hive of activity within 5LW. We have enjoyed watching them and discussing their life cycle as part of our science learning.

We have been using technology not only for research but also within our reading. Last term we enjoyed reading Skellig; a mysterious story about an angel in a shed. We are now moving onto read the Dementia Diaries.

Using a cross curricular approach 5LW combined orienteering with bug hunting. We orienteered around the playground to find allocated locations. We then had to use a compass to record where we were before hunting for bugs. We found a range of creepy crawlies which we then brought back into the classroom, observed and sketched.