Reception - Summer fun!

During Summer 1 children learned about dinosaurs as part of the whole school project, they had a dinosaur come to school to visit, it was scary but exciting! Children made their own papier mache eggs in the garden, which got very messy! We focused on Stegosaurus, I'm sure all the children can tell you lots of facts about this dinosaur! They wrote their own class poem and performed it on 'The Stage' in the garden to the whole of reception and some special visitors.  It was very impressive how well the children walked on to the stage and presented themselves to perform. The poems had lots of sounds and actions- they were fantastic! 

​This half term term children are learning about Growing. We asked the children what they wanted to find out and they asked questions such as, 'does rain grow?' 'Why do we grow?' and, 'so teeth grow?' We begun the topic reading The Little Red Hen and talking about plant growth. In the garden the children planted their own Sunflower seeds. Every day children are going to see how the plants are changing and watering them. They now know that plants need water and sunlight to grow.

'Does rain grow?' 

To answer this question we have read the story 'Bring the Rain to Kaipiti Plain'. We discussed the clouds and how they are they are made of water. In English we conducted an experiment to show how rain is produced from clouds. Children now know that rain doesn't grow, but we do need rain to grow plants and water to drink. Next week children will be reading 'There's a house in Mummy's Tummy'. We will be discussing how children have changed from birth and looking at their baby photographs, we will also be looking at teeth and how they change. Finally children will be discussing jobs and what they would like to be when they grow up. At home it would be helpful to talk about why people work and think about different jobs people do in the area.

The Garden

Now it is the Summer Term, children are spending a lot of their time outdoors. We have set up lots of activities for the children to enjoy. There are activities to keep the children active such as number jump, basket ball, hurdles and we are also taking children on to the bigger playground to teach them team games. There is now a chalk board area for practising writing, children enjoy sitting on the bank in The Sun to write in books using their writing belts and reading. Ms Caddy has set up a number splash and Ms Ellis has been teaching the children songs at The Stage. Next week we will be setting up play-shop as children have been learning about money and measuring the children along the wall to learn about measurements.