Year 3 - The Term So Far

During our first half term back, year 3 have been settling in well to their new surroundings. To help the children adapt to the new building and new routines, during one of our PE sessions we have been focusing on the kind of games that the children play in the bigger playground, such as four square and hot potato. This has really helped the children’s confidence when playing with the bigger children. In addition, although year 3 children do not have an afternoon play time anymore, we having been exercising in the afternoons as part of our Healthy Living objectives for the year.

In terms of learning, our topic has been Mighty Mountains. For English, we have focused on two stories linked to mountains and their people: The Door in the Mountain and The Monster over the Mountain. Both short stories, the children have enjoyed learning about them and creating their own writing based on. They have written a descriptive story, a letter from a character in the story and instructions for commencing your own mountain adventure!

In maths, the children have been focusing on the key calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, along with place value. Some of our maths has also been linked to our mountains topic, such as calculating how much food and drink will be needed for heroines return from one of our stories. The children continue to enjoy co-operating to solve problems in maths as well.

For our Art and DT this half term, we have been investigating Peruvian mountain textile patterns. The children have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with their own patterns, creating a final design and then using digital media to repeat that pattern to create a patchwork effect.

Our Science this half term has focused on sound and how this can launch an avalanche on a mountain – a question that the children said they wanted answered at the beginning of the topic. We learnt that sound travels in waves by experimenting with sound using musical instruments and finally experimenting with volume using two cups and different lengths of string to create a telephone.