Year 3 - Mexico!

As part of our learning about Mexico, year 3 spent one of their lessons celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead. This is a festival that celebrates and remembers the lives of loved ones who have passed away. Year 3 learnt about the different traditions and symbols of the celebration, as well as some its history. For instance, the skulls are traditionally made of sugar, as the poorer town folk had of sugar to use up as it was a cheaper material. Year 3 enjoyed a short video along with some traditional sweet bread and tortilla chips.

Year 3 have also started reading a new book – Rain Player. The book is set in the ancient Mayan civilisation in Mexico. It is a beautiful picture book that also lots of challenging vocabulary that helps the year 3 children to learn new words.

In maths we begun to look at measuring lengths of objects with millimetres,  centimetres and metres.