Year 3 - Spring Term 2017

Since the Christmas break, year 3 have been studying a range of exciting topics.

At the beginning of term, the whole school was learning about planet earth. Years 3 and 4 were investigated the deep sea. We researched information about the vampire squid from hell, dolphins and sharks. We used this information to then write monologues from the squid’s point of view, in the style of the TV programme Creature Comforts. From this, we wrote a narrative account of the squid’s life in the sea and a “fishy” encounter with a predator. Lastly, we collected data in tally charts from other children in the class and from around the school. We then turned this data into bar graphs.

At the moment, we are  reading The BFG by Ronald Dahl. We use this book in our reading sessions and for English. So far, we have written a diary entry from Sophie’s point of view about her experience in the orphanage and seeing the giant’s cave for the first time.

In science, year 3 have been studying rocks. As part of our learning we looked closely at different types of rocks. To follow up, we examined how fossils are created. After this, we created fossil works of art using sea shells and salted dough. Lastly, we experimented with different types of rock (marble, slate, chalk and granite) to see which were the most permeable and durable.

Looking forward, we will continue to read and write about the BFG and are moving on to study Stone-age Britons in History and Geography.