Year 3 - Spring Update

We are now half way through the second spring term and year 3 have been doing some exciting learning. Our unit of learning is On the move: transport. As part of this unit of learning, we have been learning about forces and Magnets in science. We have experimented with magnetism and have planned a paper aeroplane investigation. Later this term we will focus on mechanisms for coding and DT. We will make models of vehicles out of lego and use lap tops to program them to move in different ways.

In English, we have been using The Firework Makers Daughter as our class text as the main character uses different forms of transport to go on a journey of discovery. So far, we have written a descriptive passage about a meeting with one the main characters, a fiery lord, and a newspaper article.

In maths, we have used our transport focus to plan, collect and represent data relating to transport and its uses. We waited along the road outside of the school and collected data on how many different forms of transport passed by the school. We then drew our bar graphs to represent the data.