Transition for Reception

  • The children have been taking part in singing assemblies each week, as when they go into Year 1, they will have assembly every day.
  • They have been completing independent learning each week (English or Maths) which they have to try and do on their own. In Year 1 the children will be carrying out whole class English, Maths and unit of learning sessions in which they will have direction and support but will need to be more independent.
  • The children have been visiting the Year 1 classrooms and finding out where the toilets are and the entrance they will have to use.
  • We are holding an EYFS to Year 1 Transition Parent meeting on July 10th at 9am. This is just for the adults, not your child. We will explain what the day looks like in Year 1 and key pieces of information. There will be chance to look around the Year 1 classrooms as well as asking any questions you may have.
  • Later this term there will be an afternoon, along with the rest of the school, when your child meets their new teacher and spends time in their new classroom.

At home we ask that you just start to talk about Year 1 and how exciting it will be for them. Any ways you can think of to encourage independence will also help prepare them (carrying out tasks on their own, opportunities to write, draw or make on their own).

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask


Kate Williams

Assistant Head teacher