Workshop Feedback

Friday 22nd January 2016

This week we held our math session for parents of children in KS2.  The aim was to support parents when they are working with their children at home.  We went carefully through our Calculations Policy to show how we ensure progression when we are teaching math in school.  We then went through each of the calculation methods we use: some of them are very different from when we were at school! We also produced a pack to send home.  The parents were fantastic and the response was hugely positive.  Thank you to all who attended.  We will run more of these sessions: if anyone has something specific they want us to run please come and speak to Mrs Brown or Mrs Keel.

Some parent feedback:

“Excellent Workshop, More of it!”

“Very helpful, thank you very much”

“A very interesting and informative session.  I now know what chunking is!”

“Thank you so much for this workshop.  It was truly well worth the time.  I’m now more confident doing maths with my children at home.”

“Great session! I would love another one!”

“Really Good, knowledgeable and well broken down for ease”

“I found today’s class most helpful”

“Extremely proud that South Rise thought it right to organise a programme such as this one.  It will save me the embarrassment of ‘getting stuck’ while helping the children with their home study.  Well done South Rise!”

“Absolutely fantastic! I would like to learn more”

“Very helpful”